Empowering Your Emotional Journey Through Divorce

We are a certified coaching business specializing in supporting individuals through the various stages of divorce, from contemplation to post-divorce adjustments. Our mission is to create a nonjudgmental, safe space for you to explore your feelings, understand your options, and prepare for the challenges ahead.

We are here to support, motivate, and guide you through your divorce journey. Together, we'll build a positive path forward to a BETTER DIVORCE. A BETTER YOU!

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Divorce isn’t just a legal proceeding; it’s an emotional upheaval that demands a unique set of coping skills. The Divorce Doula is a certified coaching business created to fill that gap. While attorneys are great for legal advice, they’re not equipped to provide emotional support. That’s where I come in.

I specialize in: 

Emotional Preparedness: Be emotionally equipped for negotiations, mediation, and court appearances.

Skill Building: Enhance your confidence, organizational abilities, and communication skills.

Co-Parenting Support: Navigate the challenges of co-parenting with expert guidance.

Post-Divorce Guidance: Even after the papers are signed, I'm here to support your new chapter.

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Laurie A. Evans


Laurie A. Evans

Laurie A. Evans is the compassionate force behind The Divorce Doula, a certified coaching service designed to navigate the emotional complexities of divorce. As a seasoned divorce coach, Laurie provides a non-judgmental space to help individuals build confidence, enhance organizational and communication skills, and most importantly, prepare for the emotional challenges that accompany legal proceedings. With a specialization in co-parenting, Laurie employs goal-oriented exercises to help clients create effective parenting plans and harmonious post-divorce relationships.
Drawing from her own deeply personal experience of a high-conflict divorce, Laurie is uniquely attuned to the emotional, mental, and physical toll that separation can take. Her commitment to her clients goes beyond the traditional attorney-client relationship, offering not just guidance but emotional support that is just a text or call away. Grounded in her belief that divorce can be a time of renewal and transition, Laurie’s approach aims to transform a challenging chapter into an empowering journey, guiding individuals to not just survive their divorce, but to thrive beyond it.